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New Scentsations

New Scentsations is a cavalcade of fresh, new fragrances that you can help create! It’s a way for us to work together to find that next great deodorizer scent. Submit your ideas for a new fragrance and you might win a trip to Texas for a tour of our manufacturing facility and a night of fun in Austin, TX.


We have used Safe-T-Fresh Deodorizer from Satellite for many years. The people at Satellite have been very efficient and quick to serve. I appreciate the relationships I have developed over the years, for they are good to work with. When you think of the very expensive cost of having to provide an additional service outside your normal service schedule you don’t want product failure. As far as the Safe-T-Fresh product, it has performed well for us. Our callbacks are kept at an extreme minimum. We expect our deodorizer to hold up for a period of 8 days and this product has met those expectations.
I started using Safe-T-Fresh deodorizer because my previous supplier's product had been breaking down prematurely between weekly services; sometimes 3 to 4 days premature. The folks at Safe-T-Fresh set us up with STF 5000 for peak summer months, STF 4000 for spring and fall, and STF 3000 for winter servicing. This way our drivers can use the same portion year round without guessing or wasting deodorizer. In our experience, SafeTFresh is the only deodorizer that we've used that hold its color and scent for a full seven day service period. The results of the switch has saved us both time and money for the simple fact that I have less customer complaints and lost time doing extra services to keep my customers happy. Every additional service costs approximately $50. This is money that stays in my pocket, and I have peace of mind knowing that my customers remain satisfied.

One other thing I have found to be a real bonus is the ROI points program. Not only do I receive the best deodorizer in the business but I accumulate enough ROI points every year to obtain roughly 5 Tufway units annually. Over the last 4 years, these free restrooms have generated $66,000 in additional revenue. In my opinion SafeTFresh deodorizer is the best in the business. They offer timely service, superior products, and a knowledgeable and friendly sales staff.

I would recommend their product to anyone. You can start earning free restrooms now, and know that your customers aren't looking for a different service provider.