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Deodorizer R & D/Manufacturing

Deodorizer Use Considerations

“We are inventing innovative products in our lab utilizing state of the art R&D equipment and process. Our products are produced in a modern facility utilizing sophisticated production equipment and processes to create consistently high quality products that perform in the most demanding applications.”

-Doug Loebertmann, VP Satellite Environmental

R&D Process
When creating new products or refining existing ones, Safe-T-Fresh utilizes its own chemist and testing facility within its Cedar Park, TX manufacturing facility.

The goal with deodorizers is to have consistent performance in the field, which requires continual product testing and field observation. Routinely, Deodorizer Specialists schedule ride-alongs with customers to evaluate deodorizer performance related to color, fragrance and odor control.

When manufacturing, each batch is sampled and coded for future evaluation in case a product underperforms or fails in field applications. Customers are protected in these cases by our performance guarantee.

As Safe-T-Fresh continues to grow and develop, the focus is on producing more “green” products similar to our new Graffix graffiti remover. It is entirely organic and performs better than graffiti remover previously developed by Safe-T-Fresh. It’s further proof that Safe-T-Fresh can and will produce safe and effective cleaners and deodorizers you can depend on in your yard or the field.