• Air Works

    advanced fragrance engineering

Air Works

The powerful deodorizing disc that is loaded with your favorite fragrance oils designed to knock down the worst odors in your restrooms. Simply place the disc on a hook behind the vent stack or on the toilet paper rod outside the dispensers and secure it in place with the lock.

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Air Works by Safe-T-Fresh


  • Available in two sizes, Air Standard and new Air Works MAX (double Size & Strength).
  • Economical, efficient and convenient.
  • Zipper closure bags ensure longer product shelf life.
  • Available in all fragrances to match holding tank deodorizer.
Place Air Works disk on a hook behind vent stack or on outside of the toilet paper rod outside the dispenser.

Do not place disks in contact with toilet paper. Can damage painted or varnished surfaces. FACT: The EPA has classified “para” blocks as a possible human carcinogen (cancer causing). According to the EPA, long-term inhalation exposure in humans results in effects on the liver, skin, and central nervous system.

Cherry, Mulberrier, Bubble Gum, Fresher n’ Cleaner, Pine Fresh, Lemon Twist, Cinnamon Spice

Sizes Available
Air Works Standard – Bag of 50 / Case of 300 / Pail of 750
Air Works Max – Bag of 50 / Case of 250 / Pail of 500

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