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Liquid Deodorizers

Liquid Deodorizers

STF sets the standard for all liquid deodorizers. Introduced in 1975 as the first non-formaldehyde portable restroom deodorizer, it soon became popular around the world as the safest product on the market. STF is now available in five levels of concentration, giving you more control and options when determining your use level.

Fresh Form
When conditions require the ultimate in portable toilet odor control, Fresh Form liquid deodorizers are the ideal choice. Made with formaldehyde, these four concentrates work best when conditions are at their worst.

Earth Works
Earth Works tank deodorizer is powered by a natural extract that acts like a sponge, absorbing and binding odorous compounds so efficiently it can "tie up" a thousand times its own mass! Earth Works effectively controls odor.

Blue Works
When extreme environments demand extreme measures, only the very best will do. The Blue Works Series portable restroom deodorizer packs an unsurpassed punch with the strongest fragrances combined with superior odor control.

Super Turbo Tubes Solution
The unique deodorizing technology of the Super Turbo Tubes delivers the most concentrated liquid tank deodorizer on the market. The Super Turbo Tubes combine power, convenience and flexibility in an easy as 1 - 2 - 3 portion.